Book Talk Project

Book Talk: A communication & language research project 
Mrs Rice, Reception Teacher, is leading a research project for TPaT focusing on communication and language skills in the early years. She is working with language consultant Sarah Harbot (Cornwall Learning) to manage a research project with 8 other schools in the TPaT group. 
Book Talk will be delivered during spring and summer 2018. It is a small group intervention focusing on developing children's speaking, listening and understanding. A technique called Dialogical Book Talk is being used to deepen the learning that takes place around a story. 
Chacewater School hosted the initial launch event in January and Mrs Rice is managing the project for TPaT. There will be further professional development opportunities for teachers and support staff in March 2018 and then data will be collated at the end of the Summer term. We are hoping this intervention will show an increased progress for children who arrived at school with lower than expected attainment in Communication & Language or those children identified as disadvantaged. 
Spring Term
The children have a choice of books from a carefully selected range of high quality texts. Lines of questioning and comments have been prepared for each of these books so the adult leading the session is prepared to develop the story and support the children's enjoyment. 
These sessions take place for around 15 minutes three times a week. The group get cosy on the beanbags in the library space. They choose one book to explore for the week. This way the children become familiar with the story, the characters and the illustrations. They spend time sharing the book. The adult is able to go with the discussion led by the the children but is always mindful of developing skills such as widening vocabulary, understanding, listening to others, predicting what might happen, looking for clues in pictures, listening for rhyme or repetition and many other learning opportunities a story provides.