Recommended Reads

Catching Falling Stars, by Karen McCombie.
It is 1941 and the world is at war, Glory (Gloria) and her little brother have been evacuated to the countryside. Despite a slow start, the action picks up leading to Glory's life changing in ways she never imagined. Mrs Law
Book Level 5:6
Skellig, by David Almond.
It didn't take me long. Right from the first chapter I was hooked. Very quickly, the author introduced his main characters and a sense of mystery. I had to keep going right to the end to solve the mystery of Skellig. All I need now, is to discuss my ideas as to who or what Skellig is. So get reading so we can have a chat. Mrs Law Book Level 3.5
Frogkisser!, by Garth Nix. Top Juniors Only
I was so excited when I saw this book in the Education Library. I love Garth Nix and have read all of his books. Up until now they have not been suitable for Juniors. I couldn't put it down. A mix of fairy tale characters and a quest similar to that of the Hobbit. I highly recommend this book.  Mrs Law Book Level 6 
Clockwork or All Wound Up, by Philip Pullman.
A spooky story not for those that are easily scared.This is a challenging read. It is set in Germany before the invention of electricity when story telling what the main source of entertainment. A fireside story takes an unexpected turn. If you enjoy a spooky mystery than this is the book for you. Mrs Law Book Level 5.7