• Mrs Kerry Rice

    I am the Reception Teacher and Early Years Lead at Chacewater School. I work in the Acorns Class with Mrs Kate Whitehead who is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. On Thursday and Friday we are joined by Mrs Stephens and Mrs Trerise.

Acorns Class is for our Reception children.

Mrs Rice is the Class teacher supported by Mrs Whitehead.

We have a fantastic class with a wonderful classroom including an exciting indoor space and a large outdoor area which we can freely access throughout the day.

We base our learning on the children's interests and fascinations.  We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that enables all children to develop to their full potential. Each child is valued as an individual and teaching and learning is based on the understanding that children develop at different rates.

The Little Red Hen
The children are really enjoying this story and are delighted at the idea of inviting parents & carers to come in and watch. 
Please join us at 3pm on Tuesday 16 October and get ready to be impressed by your child's ability to remember the story through words and actions. 
At Chacewater School we use an online programme called Tapestry to collect information about your child's learning throughout the year. You may add to this journal yourself and we will upload photographs, and sometimes video, of your child in school. This Learning Journal helps us to create a broad understanding of your child's needs and progress. 
During the first few weeks of school we will set up your child's account and you can then access it through any devise using a unique PIN code. Only you will be able to see the information about your child and only the class teacher will be able to see the observations that you upload. 
We will regularly look at the Tapestry Journal with your child and hope that you will be able to contribute to it so we can have the fullest possible picture of your child's first year in school. 
At the end of the year we will provide you with a pdf of this Journal for you to keep. 
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Getting to Know You
When children first join Acorns class we invite them to bring a box full of things they'd like to talk about. Children include favourite books and toys, photographs of families and special events, keepsakes and objects important to them and their family. We've started to explore the boxes together and children are really enjoying showing their friends their special objects. 
Reading - Autumn Term 
You are welcome to attend a meeting with the teacher on 20 September to hear how we teach the children to read. If you can't attend, the presentations are attached. Please don't hesitate to talk to Mrs Rice if you have any questions about your child's reading journey in Reception Class. 
We love reading with our families
In Acorns Class we love to invite family and carers into the classroom in the morning to share a book with us. Sometimes it might just be one child with one mummy or daddy, but other times there could be a great group of eager children listening to an exciting story. We don't mind the little ones and babies staying too. 
Our Learning Environment
We enjoy a wonderful range of resources in our indoor and outdoor classroom. There are always lots of activities and things to choose from and children are encouraged to be respectful of our environment and resources. 
We learn all about the Golden Rules during the first few weeks of school - that way we can be safe and when we're safe we're happy, and when we're happy we can learn.