Dear parents, 

Tapestry is where you will find most of the updates for Reception's home learning. However, this page will also be used for posting pictures of the children's work and providing you with useful resources.

There will be a daily activity linked to RWI or handwriting, Maths and  a challenge related to topic work or our hook book of the week. I will try and be as interactive as possible, filming myself teaching and also giving you ideas and resources to help you teach your children. Some great resources that can be used on a daily basis to support learning are as followed: 

Twinkl – sign up for a free account on 

Go noodle –sign up for a free account on 

Espresso- sign up for a free account on 

Phonics play - sign up for a free account on 

Topmarks games - 

Teach your monsters to read -

What I would love, is for you and your children to complete these activities set and upload them onto Tapestry once completed. We will then generate a learning journey of your child’s first year at school and this will be sent home in July/ August. 

We have also set up a class email for those of you who may have any queries. I will do my best to reply to any messages speedily. Our email is:

And finally, I’d like to say to everyone - stay safe, look after yourselves and take care. It has been an absolute privilege to take your children on their first journey at school this year. Let’s hope we can all get back to normal pretty quickly.

Kind wishes,

Miss Thomas

Check out the work we have been doing in our first week of home learning. This week our focus was on learning our set 3 sounds, learning the handwriting for these set 3 sounds and experimenting with doing 'fred in our head' at home, using Miss Thomas's learning videos. Our focus in topic is fairy tales, but we  revisited prior work all about animals and what different animals like to eat and why. In Maths we looked at the words 'more' and 'fewer' and recorded this through collecting different objects around the house or outside. 
Check out the work we have been doing in our forth week of learning. Our focus this week was learning the last few of our set 3 sounds, but also shifting to handwriting. Our hook book has been 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs'. We have been sequencing and retelling the story using story props and sending Miss Thomas videos. We have been learning all about doubles and sharing in Maths too!
Check out the work we have been doing in our second and third week of home learning. This week our hook book has been 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We created Little Red Riding hood's story, by creating a story box. We also learnt all about the numbers to 10 and then 20, going on a number hunt around the garden and collecting these numbers to put back in order again. We have also been continuing our work on set 3 sounds. We have been looking at trickier set 3 sound words, such as 'ear' and 'ure' which are both 3 letter, one sounds! 
Check out the work we have been doing in our fifth and sixth week of learning. We have been incredibly busy looking at shapes and patterns in Maths and we have started looking and reading our green RWI books on Oxford Owl and completing a hold a sentence and finding mistakes in sentences written. We have been finishing out Fairy tale stories and have read the Ugly Duckling and Billy Goats Gruff.