Bur Oaks

Hello !

This is Bur Oaks page for work while school is closed.  On here every school day will be an updated word document with work on it for your children to do. 

 Our class email address: Buroaks@chacewaterschool.co.uk This is to send any completed work, ask questions and support. I will respond as soon as I can. Please email if you require any support with the work.

Our new topic this term is 'Road trip to the USA' - we will be taking a journey through North America whilst stopping at different locations along the way!
For our 'sound' launch lesson, children have created their own musical instrument.
Musical instrument abstract art!
Some children have been doing some extra home learning. 
As of 18th May, all teachers will be working in school full time instead of at home. Therefore, we might not be as prompt when responding to emails but we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 
Weekly work
From the 1st June, all work will be uploaded at the beginning of the week in the format of a weekly plan. 
All resources will be attached as a PDF under the daily heading. 
Please do email me if you have any questions or enquiries - thank you again for all of your continued support. 
Miss Laskowski
I am aware the link for Monday's maths task isn't working, please use the link below to find the activity. 
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TT Rockstars!
Read the letter attached below!

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