Bur Oaks

Hello !

This is Bur Oaks page for work while school is closed.  On here every school day will be an updated word document with work on it for your children to do. 

 Our class email address: Buroaks@chacewaterschool.co.uk This is to send any completed work, ask questions and support. I will respond as soon as I can. Please email if you require any support with the work.

Some children have painted, drawn or created a collage of their favourite Cornish coastline or river
Bur Oaks have been writing postcards about coastal erosion - they have imagined that they've gone to visit a Cornish coastline after 30 years. This is what some of them have to say. 
Bur Oaks have used the 'mashcam' to become Cornish coast divers - here's what they experienced.
Daily work -
Work will be uploaded below daily (as PDF) and deleted at the end of the week.
Please do email me if you have any questions or enquiries - thank you again for all of your continued support. 
Miss Laskowski
Hello Bur Oaks!
I just want to say, thank you for all of your hard work over this last week, you've all worked incredibly hard!
After Easter our new topic will be 'Electricity and Sound' - I have attached a grid of possible activities you could complete over the holidays, if you'd like to. These activities are not compulsory, however if you do complete any please do email them to me.
Have a Hoppy Easter!
Miss Laskowski

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Some children have been doing some extra home learning -