The theme of our curriculum

At Chacewater School, we take the theme of trees to develop our curriculum. All our classses are named after trees and our learning is topic lead.
During the Academic Year 2018/19, we are spending considerable focus on our curriculum. Below is our aims in terms of intent, implementation and impact of our curriculum. 


What we intend to achieve through our curriculum


How we will deliver our curriculum


How we will measure the effectiveness of our curriculum

Intention 1: to develop the appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the National Curriculum, so that children can flourish, reach and exceed their potential academically, artistically and physically.

Intention 2: develop the behaviours and learning habits to become effective learners through the 4 R’s: resourcefulness, reciprocal, reflective, resilient learners.

Intention 3: Our curriculum is underpinned by three key perspectives of health and well-being, relationships and living in the wider community and wider world through our PSHE curriculum.



Our curriculum will be implemented and driven by what we intend to achieve.

Intention 1: Our topic based approach allows us to deliver the appropriate subject content through a themed based approach. This is thoroughly planned within our key stages and then across the whole school. Long term plans are created and topics introduced through a launch day experience. This immerses the children in the learning and allows the children to feedback their expertise and experiences.

Our teachers plan subjects using progressive skills, which show what we should be learning in each year group in each subject. These are assessed against national curriculum expectations through target tracker.

Teachers plan educational visits to widen experience and parents and families are regularly invited in through our aspiring assemblies, to show us that adults continue to learn even after they have left school.

Intention 2/3: When our teachers design the learning opportunities, they look for ways for us to develop good learning behaviours through the 4R’S. Our school understands that learning about learning helps us to become better learners! In our curriculum therefore we look for ways to encourage resilience, resourcefulness, being reflective and reciprocal.


Intention 1: We strive to ensure that our children’s attainment in core and foundation subjects are in line or exceeding their potential when we consider the varied starting points of children. We always consider age related expectations and have high expectations for all children to succeed.

Intention 2/3: The impact will be that our learners will have fully rounded characters with a clear understanding of complex values. Only by learning what these learning behaviours mean can it prepare them for living in the community demonstrating equality. We will measure this this not just by the work that the children produce, but in the behaviours we see each and every day in our learners. Therefore being displayed in the daily interaction of all members of our community, including staff and children.

Daily challenges given, within the classroom and outside, will help the children to develop their resilience, the impact being that children don’t give up, are highly motivated to succeed and achieve and are equipped with all the personal skills to do this.




Central to our curriculum and learning is our focus on children working co-cooperatively together. We use the approach of "Kagan cooperative learning" to support this in the classroom. We have a lead for this in the school. Read Mrs. James' evaluation of how we use this approach in school.

If you would like more information on our curriculum, this is contained in the class pages with the termly curriculum letter or please feel free to see Mr.Gould.

Have a look at the photos below to see our amazing learning.