Implementation and Impact

Implementation: How do we deliver our curriculum? 


Each subject has a very clear and progressive range of knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding that are built on each year. Each subject page gives an overview of the subject. In addition to this, children's learning incorporates the school’s Learning to Learn skills: The 4 R's; resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity, and reflection. 

Our curriculum allows us to deliver the appropriate subject content through creative- themes. Each half term children study a new project. 

We use Rosenshine’s approach to lesson design within each subject area. The first lesson in a new sequence of learning will always refer back to the previous year group and term’s work. Further lessons will always review previous learning. Our emphasis is on frequent review of content learned to ensure that pupils have a deep and secure knowledge. This has evolved due to the successes of our maths curriculum; refer to maths intent below.




The curriculum at Chacewater is the vehicle through which children learn. This is not just about academic learning. It is much wider than this. We believe our curriculum has a real impact and will therefore extend children’s horizons and aspirations as learners. Children are given opportunities to visit and experience their learning outside of the classroom, through educational termly visits, visits from experts and through performances. 

We strive to ensure that our children’s attainments in core and foundation subjects are in line or exceeding their age-related expectations. We always consider age related expectations and have high expectations for all children to succeed.