Mighty Oaks

  • Mrs Claire James

    Mighty Oaks Teacher Mon-Thurs

  • Mr Chris Gould

    Headteacher / Mighty Oaks Teacher - Fridays

Welcome to the Mighty Oaks.

We are a class of thirty-two year 5 and 6 pupils and our teacher is Mrs James. Together we work hard and love nothing more than a challenge, so that we can further develop our learning skills. Learning for us is about being positive and creative in our approach, tackling new things with determination and most of all, having fun. 

Autumn Term

During the Autumn term our first topic is: 'Who Is Taking Control?'. The main focus will be exploring the rather intriguing possibilty of robots taking over the world! Our journalistic skills will be put to the test when we investigate and report on the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence. We will also make our own robots, which are likely to misbehave, malfunction and cause havoc!

Our second topic of the term is 'A Voyage of Discovery'. There will be much discussion about Charles Darwin's voyage on the HMS Beagle and his theory of evolution. We will focus primarily on the Galapagos Islands and the adaptations of a variety of animal and plant life. We will be writing informal letters as if we were Charles himself, detailing his adventures and discoveries, including his consumption of tortoise soup (yuk!)

Spring Term

This term our two main topics will be: ‘Who’s the Mummy?’ and ‘The Battle of Britain – Bombs, Battles and Bravery’.

The first unit is based on a study of Ancient Egypt, with the main focus being mummification. We will have the opportunity to learn about the mummification process by embalming our own fish and become tomb explorers to find a series of mysterious objects that need to be identified. We will write our own versions of ancient Egyptian myths and discover why Egypt’s position in the world made it such a powerful country

In our second topic of the term we will discover what it was like to be a child in Britain in WW2 and about the importance of the Battle of Britain. We will find out about evacuation and how difficult it was for parents and pupils. In addition, we will write evacuees diaries and research and write biographies for WW2 heroes. The science in this unit is the study of light and in the context of WW2 we will study what a Spitfire pilot could see, how searchlights used reflective light and why the blackout was so important. We are particularly looking forward to making our own periscopes - we forsee plenty of spying opportunities ahead!