School Results 2017

In this section you will find our results for our performance at the end of July 2017. We are measured against national benchmarks at the end of Foundation stage, Year 1 phonics test, Year 2 and Year 6. Children are judged in Year 2 and Year 6 as to how well they reach the national expected standard in assessments relating to maths and english. Details of these are published here as well as more detailed link to how we compare nationally. There is also a summary of how well the school has performed compared to national expectations over the previous years. Blue highlights where school performance is better than national expecations. 
Subject School % at expected standard
National % at expected
standard (provisional)
Reading 76% (16 out of 21) 71%
Grammar 95% (20 out of 21)  76%
Writing 95% (20 out of 21)
Maths 95% (20 out of 21) 75%

Number of children achieving expected standard in reading, writing and maths 76% 
   Achieving Above expected level - this is the government measure of the number of children performing above average at the end of Key Stage 2.


Subject School % at above expected level 
Greater Depth 

Reading   19% 25% 
 Grammar   38%  31%
 Writing    20%
Maths  23.8% 23% 

The progress our children make from KS 1 is measured using a scale. Schools need to be within the measure of +5 to - 5.

At Chacewater these were are progress measures for last year:


Reading  Maths  Writing 
-0.4 2.4  3.2

To view : Average progress scores in reading, writing and maths, average scaled scores, please visit

 Performance at KS 1 (end of Year 2)

Subject Number and percentage of children achieving expected standard  National figures 
Reading  15/20   75%  74%
Writing  16/20  80% 65%
Maths  16/20   80% 73%