Phonics screening week is over and to celebrate we treated the children to a movie morning and a trip to the local park. We all had a wonderful time and Mrs Mewton and Miss Thomas enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed themselves too!
We have had a very exciting first few weeks back to our Summer term 2 and our new topic is now all about Space. We are really enjoying learning about the 8 planets in our solar system. We even had a launch day where we were able to make the planets ourselves. 
  • Miss Laura Thomas

    Seedlings Teacher

  • Mrs Karen Mewton

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Lizzy White

    Teaching Assistant PM

  • Miss Imy GW

    RWI Teaching Assistant

Welcome to the Seedlings - Year one


Miss Thomas is the class teacher for Year 1 and is supported by Mrs Mewton (KS1 TA) in the mornings and Mrs White (KS1 in the afternoons), Miss GW also helps us for RWI. The seedlings class is made up of 29 wonderful year 1’s and we are lucky enough to have an amazing, spacious classroom with a small outdoor area just for us!


Each morning we enjoy learning our sounds through Read Write Inc. In Literacy, we are creating and designing our very own holiday destination and also writing our very own postcards. Next term we will be looking at Space and designing our own planet and alien and building up to write a setting description. In Numeracy, we are looking at Money and we are getting really good at working together as a team to buy certain objects using a range of different coins up to £2. We are also working on telling the time as well! We always like to learn new songs to help our Maths even further. 

During our afternoons we like to learn all about our new topic - which this term is ‘Posting and Places’ and next term is 'Space'. We have been looking at the United Kingdom and what 4 countries make the UK up - Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have been also looking at the 7 different continents of the World and the 5 Oceans of the World too. We have really enjoyed researching this and finding out why certain places around the World are important. We also like to take part in PE, where we are learning all about gymnastics and multi skills. 


Parents and carers - you are welcome to come in to our classroom on Friday mornings. Your child would love to show you our displays and you can help them choose a new book or practice their phonics with them. 


If anyone has any queries, then please don't hesitate to contact me. I am available before and after school.


Miss Thomas








We have been doing lots of exciting work over the first couple of weeks of year 1. Come and have a look at what we have been doing on a Friday morning 8.40-8.55 am and keep checking our website for new photos and updates on what the children are learning in school. 
Watch what we have been doing in our recent Dance lessons - we have been using a beat to show the class our morning routines.