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This is Seedlings page for work while school is closed.  On here every school day will be an updated pdf document with work on it for your children to do. 

Our class email address: This is to send any completed work, ask questions and support. I will respond as soon as I can. Please email if you require any support with the work.

Useful links:

To the rescue! 
It's an exciting new topic and I'm looking forward to admiring your home learning. This week the task is to find out about EMERGENCY SERVICES.  
Bug Club
I am emailing everyone their own copy of this letter with your child's username and password. Let me know how you get on with it. 
Today - Tuesday 2nd June 
Hello Seedlings! What a beautiful day it was yesterday. Thank you for sending me your work. I love to see what you're doing at home. 
Later today I will try to upload a video showing the changes for coming to school on Wednesday. If your child is returning tomorrow then please take a look with them so you both know what to expect on arrival at school. 
I will keep posting daily lessons for those of you not attending school. Please keep emailing to let me know how you're getting on. If your child is attending school you do not need to access the home learning. 
Keep in touch. 
Mrs Rice
Resources to support home learning this week
Wash Your Hands 
Great work for English. Thank you for sending me your posters. I have printed them all out and displayed them in school ready for when the children return. I wonder where yours is?  
North - East - South - West 
What saying will you use to remember the compass points? 
VE day - 75th Anniversary
Look at our wonderful gallery of VE day posters.  Well done everyone who shared their beautiful work. 
Reading at home 
Did you know that the Oxford Owl has got loads of free resources on their website. You just have to register as a parent. The phonics books are on there and the sounds cards - just the same as you use in school.

There's also a lovely Winnie The Witch and Wilbur story about the Corona Virus.

Thank you to Alfie & Mrs Bearham for these top tips. 

Best Books  
I'd love to see what you're reading. Send me a picture of you with your best books and write or draw a picture to go with it. 
PSHE - Living in the Wider World 
What a lot of fun you had with PSHE lessons. 
Monday - you thought about how other people have needs and set up some great role play. 
Tuesday - people who are special to me - beautiful community tree drawings. 
Wednesday - places that are special for me - enjoying the outdoors. 
Thursday - where do we get money from and what's it for? Some fantastic shop play. 
Friday - earning and spending money. 
PSHE - Jobs at Home & House Rules  
What jobs are done at home? Who does them? What do you do to help at home? 
What house rules did you come up with? 
SCIENCE - shadows 
Even though the sun didn't shine much, you still managed to have a lot of fun with the shadows for Science. Take a look at the shadow puppet show from Eloise.
Science & Geography
Well done everyone for your geography and science work. I thought you did a great job with the weather reporting and telling Aippaq what Cornwall is like. I am learning a lot about the Arctic and your ice sculptures are incredible. 
Ice Sculptures
Some great examples from our Seedling Scientists. Thank you. 
Arctic Project
Thank you for sending me pictures of your brilliant work at home. You are the best! 
Mrs Rice