Seedlings - Year 1

  • Mrs Kerry Rice

    Seedlings Teacher

  • Mrs Karen Mewton

    Teaching Assistant

Welcome to the Seedlings - Year one


Mrs Rice is the class teacher for Year 1 and is supported by Mrs Mewton (KS1 TA) in the mornings.

The seedlings class is made up of 30 wonderful year 1’s and we are lucky enough to have an amazing, spacious classroom with a small outdoor area just for us!

Mrs Rice

Current Topic - The Potting Shed
This topic will focus our afternoons and English sessions on the historical figure of George Forrest - a famous plant hunter. We'll explore his life and adventures through history and become plant hunters ourselves in Science lessons. Through art we'll develop our drawing and painting skills by closely observing wild and garden plants. A trip to Chacewater Garden Centre will give us first-hand experience of a wide range of plants to help inform our work at school. Through Geography we'll make links between Cornwall and China (where George Forrest explored). Watch this space for pictures of our lovely learning. 
Open Classroom
Please come in on a Friday morning (8.40am-8.55am) and enjoy some time with your child in their classroom. Join them in tackling the new Morning Maths Challenge. 
Spring 1 - Animal Allsorts
We launched this topic with a trip to Feadon Farm to excite the children and expose them to a range of animals at close quarters. We have used non-fiction books to explore this topic and took a scientific look at animals. The story of 'The Gruffalo' was the starting point for this topic. On our trip we hunted for all the creatures from the story and even spotted a Gruffalo in the woods! In English we developed our non-fiction writing by producing animal fact files and a lost poster for our missing dog. Through art we created beautiful 3D hedgehogs and mixed paints to decorate them. Our science lessons taught us about animal classification and identifying animals. Through music we explored pitch with our voices and instruments - pretending to be bears & birds, crabs & egrets. What a busy half term it was! 
Autumn 2 - Let's Celebrate
This great topic kicked off with Bonfire Night, followed closely by the Remembrance celebrations in our community. The children read some great fiction books like 'Alfie Lends a Hand' to learn about how different children celebrate birthdays. 
We explored the Christian traditions of Advent as well as the Muslim festival of Eid al-fitr. In history we looked at how people celebrated in the past and enjoyed the archive boxes from Royal Cornwall Museum with old toys inside. 
The DT focus was food technlogy. We made healthy fruit jellies and invited our friends in Year 2 to a great jelly party to celebrate the end of term. 
Of course the Nativity play was a real focus of this half term and 'Lights Camel Action' was a great hit. Children learnt lines, actions, songs and dances. 
Autumn 1 - The Big Build
What a lot of learning and fun we had with this topic through the story 'The Three Little Pigs'. Children have enjoyed constructing shelters in DT, creating wolf masks in Art, exploring materials in Science and friendships in RE. We've been sequencing the story, describing the dastardly wolf and acting in our Literacy lessons. In Geography we've been mapping the buildings we know in our village as well as creating our own 'Piggy Town' maps using map symbols.
The whole topic will reach it's peak on the first Friday back after half term when we present it to the school at our Celebration Assembly.  
Autumn 1 - Who Am I? 
Our first mini topic gives us all a chance to celebrate our unique characters whilst understanding that we belong to a wider community. We will explore 'friendships' through RE and are working towards creating our own time capsules that describe who we are and what we like. We'll be using art skills like line drawing and collage as well as delving into the history of our school. 
Maths - Spring 2
Our main focus this half term will be odds & evens, fractions of shapes and time.  Every morning the children complete a 'morning maths challenge' linked to the week's learning. Why not come and join them during open classroom on Fridays?
During the final week of the spring term the children will be assessed to gauge what they know and where there are gaps. Please keep supporting your child with their weekly 'times tables' and celebrate their achievements with them after Friday's quiz. 
On Monday's we focus on a new spelling rule, handwriting and grammar. In Year 1 children need to know how to construct sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and punctuation (full stop, question mark, exclamation mark). They need to be able to use 'and' to join two ideas in their writing and apply phonic and spelling rules learnt. 
At home you can help by ensuring your child practises the weekly spellings and always forms their letters correctly - this well especially help them as we develop our joining skills. 
Tuesday - Friday we have an 'English' lesson. During the week we build up our skills in spoken language, word reading, reading comprehension, composition and writing. 
During Spring 2 our focus will be on Story Writing and we'll use the story of The Gingerbread Man to get us going. 
We're enjoying using the program 'Purple Mash' to help us understand how to navigate around and use computers. 
We created our own avatars and talk about the importance of passwords being kept secret. 
Children have accessed the 'paint' activities, saved and retrieved their own work. They are now exploring the 'topic' areas and developing an understanding of different icons used to write, cut, paste, copy. 
At the end of the Spring 1 term we enjoyed 'e-safety' day and created bunting for our classroom depicting how we use the internet safely. 
Have you sent in your consent so we can publish your child's written work on Pobble? You'll be able to see what they've been doing in English and leave comments.