Curriculum Intent

The Curriculum Statement

 A curriculum designed for Chacewater School

 Extending Horizons


The curriculum at Chacewater is driven by purposeful learning that ensures the children’s learning has real relevance to themselves and the wider world. 

We want learning to be meaningful and memorable under our ethos of ‘Caring and Learning together’ and ‘Extending Horizons’. With this in mind, we use these 'drivers' to underpin all aspects of the curriculum and they are embedded through each subject and project.

Our 4 key drivers for our curriculum are:


  • Well-being: We are passionate about the health of our children, physically and mentally. We want our children to be excited by the real world through engaging in rich experiences to develop imagination and creativity. We know that children learn more effectively when their emotional needs are met. 

  • Reading: We want to foster a lifelong love of reading by exposing our children to rich literature across the curriculum. Reading is a key life skill and we strive to embed a culture of reading into the core of what we do. 

  • Community and Locality: We want children to be mindful of their own locality; culturally, geographically, historically and musically and how this relates to the wider world around them. We are committed to providing children with opportunities to explore, investigate and enquire about their local area of Chacewater and Cornwall so that they can develop a real sense of who they are, their heritage and what makes our local area unique and special. Once children know where they are from and who they are, they can then learn more about the world in which we live. 

  • Cooperative learning: We use a cooperative learning approach in our lessons. This allows children to discover a new concept together and learn from each other. Although we think that it is important that children learn new skills and knowledge, we also want them to learn to be better at learning itself. For this reason, we talk in school about the Four Rs of Learning. These are the characteristics needed to be successful learners - whatever type of learning we’re doing; resilient, resourceful, reciprocal and reflective.