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Mrs Rice
Summer 2: To The Rescue
A visit to the Museum of Cornish Life will launch this exciting final half term where history will be our driver. First we'll learn about a local inventor, Henry Trengrouse, and look at the sinking of HMS Anson off Loe Bar and how this event played a significant part in sea rescue history. Alongside this we'll enjoy the Oliver Jeffer's book 'Stuck' and welcome Devon & Cornwall Fire Brigade to help bring the story to life. 
After that we'll switch our attention to Grace Darling and learn all about her part in pioneering the RNLI. Alongside this the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue' and a virtual workshop from the National Maritime Museum, Cornwall will ensure the learning is memorable. 
This final half term will also focus on the transition to Year 2 and we will be working hard to help your child leave our Seedlings Classroom in the best possible position for future success. 
Summer 1: Posting & Places 
Fingers crossed for an uninterupted term of learning as we have such an exciting time ahead of us with this half-term's topic focus. 
Mrs Rice has friends around the globe and we'll be receving letters from different parts of the world to help us learn about the continents and oceans in Geography. We'll be looking at weather and making comparisons in Science. 
The first three weeks we'll be using a non-fiction text called 'Weather' to support our English lessons and will be aiming to produce our own weather fact book. We'll then choose a fiction text 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers, to support our developing vocabulary and devise our own stories based in a different part of the world. 
Spring Term - Lockdown Learning and 4 weeks of school 
Animal Allsorts & The Potting Shed 
Animal Allsorts 
What a great job you did at home to keep up with the science and English lessons linked to our theme of Animal Allsorts. I was very impressed with your knowledge of mammals, reptiles, birds & fish and we had such a lot of fun with that story of 'Could A Penguin Ride a Bike?'. I really enjoyed reading your funny fact files as well as finding out about your favourite animals. 
You did a super job making the salt dough with the ingredients I sent home and I loved seeing your hedgehogs - especially the painted ones. 
The Potting Shed 
For the first 2 weeks of Spring 2 I thought you did a brilliant job with the History lessons where we learnt all about George Forrest and his amazing plant hunting adventures to China. It was great to see you think about what George needed to pack in his bag over 100 years ago, and what you packed in your bag for your own plant hunting expedition. 
When we came back to school it was such a lot of fun to focus on the traditional story of The Gingerbread Man (I especially enjoyed making and eating them with you!). You did a brilliant job to innovate that story and then invent our own story about George Forrest's little Flower Boy and his adventures with the jungle animals. 
Let's Celebrate! - Autumn 2
Our focus this second half of autumn term was celebrations. Through two key texts we explored birthdays and Christmas amongst other celebrations. 
The story 'It's My Birthday' has helped us to embed story language, understand how to build a narrative by adding sentences together and follow instructions to make a cake. The children enjoyed planning a party by story mapping and produced an amazing finished piece of writing about their own party. Our Imaginarium was very busy as a bakery and a party room. The children were able to role play making cakes, preparing for a party and playing party games. 
The second text 'StickMan' led us into making stick creations, printing stick families, acting out scenes from the story and using percussion instruments to make water music. The Imaginarium became a 'stick factory' where children were able to freely create using skills learnt in the Art & DT lessons. Our focus on StickMan ran parallel with the Acorns and Buds and all our hard work came together for a Christmas Video. The children really enjoyed seeing all their learning come together. 
We follow the Read Write Inc systematic synthetic phonics scheme. We teach the children a new sound daily and encourage the use of 'Fred Fingers' to spell. Daily phonics is supplemented by trips to the libary, daily 'Pobble' talk, discrete grammar, spelling, handwriting lessons and focused 'English' lessons which are, usually, based on a high quality text. 
Your child should be able to enjoy their home reading books because they will be able to read them fairly fluently. Remind your child that even though you can read, we still enjoy reading for pleasure! Enjoy having a book for a few days and becoming familiar with the story. Hopefully this will increase your child's fluency and understanding to boost their reading confidence. Make it fun ... use silly voices, act it out, make things to go with the story. Read it to different people. Ask questions like 'What would you do? How do you think they feel? What might happen next?' 
Please keep the book and reading record in your child's school bag. 
Any questions please email me at
The Big Build - Autumn 1
What a fantastic week of learning we've had.
In Geography we used our knowledge of aerial views from last week to create a map with symbols for Piggy Town.
In Science we put all our knowledge about materials and their properties to good use and carried out experiments. Some children tested materials to check if they were transparent and waterproof so we could use them for windows. Other children tested materials to check if they were rigid and heavy so we could use them for walls. The 'huff and puff machine' (Mrs Rice's hairdryer) caused quite a kerfuffle! 
In English we looked more closely at that terrible wolf and worked together to come up with words to describe him. These words will form a 'word bank' that the children will use next week for their end-of-unit independent write. 
If you've not yet logged in please use the details on the letter sent home on Monday 12th October.  It is designed to support your child's maths at home through an age-appropriate and progressive game where they can move through the different operations that we teach in Year 1. 
Each week I'll print out certificates for children who have completed levels. Good luck! 
Who Am I? - Autumn 1
What a lovely way to start the year. We spent time getting to know each other, talking about where we live, our families, our school and our lives. We thought about friendships and things we like. We talked about things we're good at and recognised that everyone is different. We used the stories of Dogger & Beegu to learn about kindness. We used the story 'Here am I' to help us think about the communities we belong to and our job to show care to everyone and everything.  
We thought about the subject of History and learnt how to find out about history - by looking at things from the past and talking to people who experienced things in History. We learnt how to ask questions to find out information. The children loved looking at old school photos from Arbrey's family and were excited to ask Ms Budge the questions we'd devised. 
Welcome to Year 1
Hello Seedlings. It's the beginning of the Autumn Term and we're looking forward to seeing you. Watch the video below to show you how to come in to school on Monday and to get a sneaky peek at your new classroom. 
Please bring your child to school at 8.40am - line up through the lane to the back carpark and send your child in to a waiting adult.
Collection at 3.10pm from the same place.
Make sure you have used ParentPay to choose a free school meal - this meal will be plated and brought out to your child so make sure they know what to expect each day! Packed lunches should be kept inside school bags to minimise touching. 
If you need to communicate with me please use the class email address - this will be checked daily at 8.30am and 4pm. 
Mrs Rice - Class Teacher 
Mrs Pippin & Ms Parsons - Teaching Assistants