What have we done so far?

Spring 2019
We have been looking at the Think Big Project where we sent our very own poster off to be judged and to possibly win £500. We decided we needed a new intervention area for our school and designed this accordingly. 
We are also looking at Curriculum Design and what that means to us. We are running assemblies, workshops and questionnaires to ask everyone what they think our curriculum should look like. 
Autumn 2017
As part of our whole school improvement of reading, The school council will be helping to raise money through fun raising events. The school council are currently working on an assembly for the whole school to promote the blue peter badge so that all children from 6+ years can achieve their own blue peter badge. More information to follow.
School council are looking into reviewing how the children at school feel about reading, we would love to develop our library as we lost our library when it was turned into a classroom. Maybe this could be our project?
 Spring term/ Summer term 2017
Current Action: To raise money and improve the look of the front of the school. Also, to provide shelter and seating for parents, children before and after school.
Autumn 2016
Whole School British Hear Foundation Skipping Event
Thank you for all your support to an amazing skipping day for the British Heart Foundation. The afternoon started with a whole school 'wake and shake' outside which really warmed us up for afternoon of skipping fun! The children then worked alongside another year group, taking part in activities outside with Grace such as speed skips, skip races and group skipping. Inside, children worked in the hall with Mrs Morgan, taking part in team skip relays and then finally a skip off to show all the wonderful skipping skills we have been learning.
We raised just over £720, what a fantastic result! Well done everyone.
Spring 2016
During spring term 2016 we visited Truro Council Offices to meet with the Mayor, John Wood to see how our school council compares with a large council.
Below is a recount of that visit from one of our councillors Izzy;
At a recent meeting we met with Alice Laskey to discuss 'Emotional Health and Wellbeing' in our school. From this, as a council we decided to use a questionnaire to survey what good practise we carry out within our classes already. Class teachers completed these questionnaires and from this we were able to identify that most classes followed either; Rtime, circle time, massage, brain gym, and some mindfulness. As a school, we are focusing on building resilience within everything we do. It's about enabliing the capacity to cope and feel compentent. Resilience embraces the ability to deal more effectively with stress and pressure, to cope with everyday challenges and to bounce back from everyday challenges.
More and more the evidence for the link between resilience / wellbeing and learning is being recognised: http://www.cornwallhealthyschools.org
Currently Oaks are taking part in mindfulnes sessions each week to enable them to learn skills to bring our minds to the present moment. After half term Young Oaks will be taking part in mindfulness.