We are part of TPAT (Truro Penwith Academy Trust). In this section you will find some joint policies which cover our trust and have been adopted by our school. Paper copies are available from the school office. 
Staff Leave policy Approved July 2017
TPAT Parent and Visitor Code of Conduct Approved July 2017
Equality Policy and Plan Approved July 2017
TPAT Assmt policy 2016
TPAT Fraud and Corruption Policy Approved March 2015
TPAT Freedom of Information Policy 2018 Approved Jan 2018
TPAT Whistleblowing Policy Procedure Feb 2018
Agenda 12 TPAT Fair Processing notice version Dec 19
TPAT Social Media Policy 2020
Exclusion Policy
Educational Visits Policy
Chacewater Medical Conditions Policy
Volunteer Policy
Pupil Acceptable Use Policy (Primary)
Code of Conduct for staff 2020
TPAT Staff Professional Code of Conduct_FINAL approved Jun16
TPAT New Health and Safety Policy Chacewater School
TPAT Fire Safety Policy 2020
Chacewater School Fire Procedures
TPAT GDPR General Policy Jan 21 FINAL
TPAT Fair Processing notice policy Jan 21 FINAL
TPAT Data Protection Policy Schools Jan 21 FINAL.
TPAT Complaints Policy - updated 24.03.2021
TPAT Admissions 2021-2022 ALL TRUST Schools
TPAT Admissions 2022-2023 ALL TRUST Schools
TPAT Health and Safety Policy July 2021
Children In Care PLAC Policy Autumn 2020
Restraint Policy
Behaviour Policy 2020
Acceptable Use Policy - KS1 Pupil Agreement
Acceptable Use Policy - KS2 Pupil Agreement
Acceptable Use Policy - Staff and Governors
Chacewater Primary School Anti-bullying policy
STOP AND ACT Bullying Child version
Chacewater Child Protection Policy 2020
TPAT (Chacewater) CAPH Peer on Peer Abuse Sept 21
Chacewater Primary School Intimate Care Policy
Chacewater School Staff Code of Conduct
TPAT (Chacewater) CAPH Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Sep 2021