Seedlings - Y1

Secure Class Page
Visit the secure page using your child's picture login to see all our wonderful learning and find any messages.  I'll also use this page to send any information that I need to share.
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Mrs Rice
This half term our theme will be 'Let's Celebrate'. This topic has a focus on history and design technology. We'll be enjoying a historical loan box from Royal Cornwall Museum to help us understand the changes in toys through the centuries. In DT our focus will be on food hygiene and healthy eating as we work towards planning, designing and making a fruit cup jelly for a Christmas party. 
We'll spend a good deal of our tine working towards a nativity play which we will be so proud to perform for you in December. 
Check out the secure class page to see photographs of our learning and messages from me. 
English - Autumn Term 
Our English focus will be on phonics for reading, writing and spelling. Your child is working in a group with children of a similar ability. 
This half term we are changing how we support your child with reading books so look out for a letter from Mrs Morgan and a reading meeting will be advertised shortly. 
We'll visit the library twice a week to give your child free choice of books to bring home and share with you. Library days will be Monday and Friday. Please make sure their library books are in their bags on these days. 
On Mondays your child will bring home a 'book bag book' which will be directly linked to the text they're reading in their phonics group. Keep this book all week. 
Later in the week your child will bring home their phonics 'storybook' - the one we've been using in school. This will be for a final fourth read - we hope you'll be impressed by their fluency! 
Using the reading record to record when you've read with your child - it could be you've read the spellings, the library book, story book. book bag book, or one of their favourites from home. 
Most importantly - please hear your child READ OUT LOUD every day. 
Please always keep the book and reading record in your child's school bag. They will be supported to change the book twice weekly. 
Any questions please email me at
Maths - Autumn Term 
We've spent the first half of Autumn Term on numbers to 10. For the second half of the term we'll finish working on addition and subtraction to 10 before moving on to geometry (2D/3D shapes and patterns) and then start number and place value to 20. 
We've established a weekly 'quizzing' routine for our number bonds. See the secure page for this week's quiz and top tips on how to support your child. 
We're also privileged to be part of a national research project called 'Mastering Number'. Each day we have an additional 10 minute 'mighty maths' lesson which focuses on instant recognition of amounts rather than counting. You can support your child with this by playing with double dice - help them to instantly recognise the spot pattern and count on from the larger number to add together.