Miss Bryony Lahera

Year 1 Teacher and Art/ DT Lead

Young Artists' Summer Show at The Royal Academy
A selection of artwork from Chacewater School has been chosen for submission to this year's online summer show at the Royal Academy. 
Congratulations to those children whose work has been chosen. We now wait to see if any have been selected for the show. Good luck to all our young artists. 
A range of drawing skills from Reception through to Year 6

Art and Design


‘Engage, inspire, challenge pupils – equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.’ (National Curriculum)

We aim to enrich the lives of individual pupils and promote their personal, creative, intellectual and social growth. We aim to provide a  balance of drawing, painting, 3D, collage, printing and fabric to stimulate a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of the visual arts. At Chacewater School we ensure this balance and skills progression through the use of the Scottish Borders Programme of Study. 

Children engage in activities which enable them to be creative and responsive to the visual world. Through opportunities in Art & Design children will be able to realise their full artistic potential.

Cornwall has historically been a magnet for artists and today creative industries in Cornwall employ many people. At Chacewater School our Art Curriculum is designed to develop and nurture children’s interest in this subject and to promote not only the wider international and historical canon of art, but also recognise the current and local contemporary art scene. 


The Art and Design curriculum will ensure that the art skills, as identified in Scottish Borders Scheme, are taught to each year group, ensuring progression. 

Children will become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and will experience other art, craft and design techniques such as collage, printing and fabric.  

To ensure that children learn about the range of artists, craft makers and designers the Chacewater art curriculum identifies key examples of artists and artwork for children to reference and make links to their own work. 


The impact of this broad and balanced art curriculum will be children who can demonstrate a range of artistic skills and reference artists who have influenced their work. Our focus on skills will ensure that the curriculum is not ‘end product’ driven but, moreover, celebrates technique, experimentation, creativity and inventiveness. 

In the reception class children are beginning to gain control of line and have the opportunity to explore their imaginative ideas. 
These line skills are developed in Y1 through the use of pen, pencil & chalk to create patterns and observational drawings. 
Introducing the idea of landscape drawing in Year 2 enables the children to build on their drawing skills and supports their introduction to creating texture. 
In Y3 hildren are introduced to charcoal and experiment with tones. They continue to develop observational skills and look at imaginative and abstract designs. 
Contrasting effects of line and tone through blended charcoal and chalk techniques are taught in Y4. 
Water soluble fine liner pens are introduced in Y5 to teach the wash technique. 
The focus drawing skill in Y6 is anatomical observational drawings. 
We believe this progressive approach builds children's confidence, interest and knowledge of what's possible when 'drawing'.