Transition to the Reception Year

Starting School at Chacewater
Starting school can be a daunting affair for both children and parents. At Chacewater School we make every effort to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible. Once we have the confirmed list of new starters (usually after the Easter holidays) we will write to everyone and invite them to a personal meeting with the Headteacher and Reception Teacher so we can begin to get to know the family. 
In the summer term we plan a number of 'Come & Play' sessions for children who will be starting school with us in September. Children attending Stepping Stones Day Nursery in the village will be brought to visit for two of these sessions. If your child attends a different setting, or doesn't attend any pre-school, they are invited to come to as many of these sessions as they can to get to know their new friends. 
The class teacher will also make a personal visit to children in local pre-school settings. This will give her a chance to talk to your child's key worker and find out a little more about them and see them in an environment they are comfortable in. 
Parents are then invited to an Open Afternoon to meet the uniform provider, After-school club, school caterers and Friends of Chacewater School. They will also have the opportunity to meet Governors, the Acorns Class staff and visit the classroom with their child. 
A 'Starting School' booklet is provided to support families with all the information they might need about our school. This booklet is updated every year to make sure it reflects the needs of our families. 
We have close ties to Stepping Stones Day Nursery in Chacewater where a large proportion of our children come from. The Reception Class Teacher visits every half term throughout the year to keep in touch with the children who may then come to our School. During these visits she watches the children at play and talks to the key workers about any preparations that could help some children with their transition. Later in the year the Reception Class Teaching Assistant will also visit so we can have a better understanding of the needs of children coming to us and children will be familiar with the staff they will meet at Chacewater School.