Seedlings - Y1

Welcome to Year 1 - Seedlings Class
 Teacher: Miss Lahera                            Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pippin
 Seedlings class offers children a welcoming and calming environment with lots of exciting resources to help us with our learning so we can achieve our absolute best! We start the day by completing a morning challenge which involves reading, puzzles, dancing, number work and partner games to wake up our brains ready for an exciting day ahead!
 We encourage children to work as a team and independently in Seedlings and take our learning inside and outside of the classroom, offering all children a safe, nurturing place to grow and succeed. 
A day in the life of a Seedling
We always welcome children at the door with a smile before we take the register and share our visual timetable so we all know what we are learning that day.
Our mornings are always the same - we start with 45 minutes of phonics and then 45 minutes of English. The English lessons will link to a story book and will include things like spelling, grammar and composition.
Playtime is at 10.30am and then we enjoy a healthy snack and story together before our maths lesson. The afternoons are always jam-packed with lots of great learning. Across our busy week we cover all subject areas, making learning practical, encouraging investigation and collaboration to develop team work and social skills. PE days are Monday and Thursday this term. 
Our driver this term is Science and investigation. We are learning all about materials and will be designing and making a suitable house for the three little pigs. We have assemblies every afternoon and end the day with a 'reflection of the day.' We share and discuss our learning and Miss Lahera hands out kindness notes across the week - our class value this term.  
Supporting your child at home 
Make sure you read every day at home. Use the 'book bag book' we send home every Monday - you'll keep it for the week. This book is linked to the text your child will be reading in school and they should be able to read it to you.
Listen to your child read out loud and marvel at how their fluency develops as they rehearse the same story. On Friday we'll send home the storybook we've been using in school for them to impress you over the weekend. These phonically decodable books will be complemented with library books for reading pleasure. We'll visit the library every week. 
Please ensure all books and your child's reading diary comes into school every day. 
Seedlings learning documents
Below are links to the learning documents which will be updated every half term. These show you the subject areas and learning sequence your child will follow this half term. The LEAP home learning document sets out creative and exciting homework ideas which link to our topic area. Please email any work to our class email at the top of the page.
Thank you to those who attended our 'Welcome to Seedlings' parent meeting - it was lovely to meet you all! For those who could not attend, please take a look at the parent slides document which outlines learning in Year 1 and explains the learning documents in more detail. 
Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.
Thank you for your continued support. 
Miss Lahera