Remote Learning

Remote Learning will be available for when individual children are in isolation due to members of their family being tested and waiting for results , when whole bubbles are in isolation due to their being a positive case in school or if instructed to close by Public Health - the whole school to be closed. 
None of these situations are ideal, as the best place for the children to have access to the National Curriculum is in school. Although children learn many things at home, no one is expecting parents/carers to take on the teaching role as it would be done in the classroom, especially when juggling their own family circumstances. Any support that can be given is valued and appreciated. 
No family must feel any pressure during these periods away from school as all family circumstances differ tremendously, however we have a responsibility to provide learning opportunities for the children. All we ask, in order for us to work together, is to have open conversations about support and their learning. We would hope that in any of these situations, learning at home would not be for more than two weeks.  However it is vital that this learning continues as we do not want our children to miss any more learning time.
If your child is off school because they are poorly....they must rest!
If your child is off school because a member of your household is being tested for COVID and they are well enough to learn, please contact school. Your child's class teacher will then provide work either through the class page/email or for Foundation Stage through Tapestry. They will also complete the Level 1 work sent home. 
If your child is off school for the whole bubble being sent home then work will be set through a mixture of zoom sessions, recorded lessons, on line opportunities through the website as well as work sent home already in booklets - this is in the Level 2 booklets. 
All the information and plans for the classes can be found on the tabs attached. 
If school has not had contact with your child for two consecutive days they will give you a ring to check you are ok and you are able to access everything you need to. 
If your child has additional needs then your class teacher will email you separately with plans to support them. 
Zoom - we will be using zoom to support some learning sessions - to ensure that these run smoothly and safely we use the following protocols.
- Meeting details will never be shared publicly or posted on social media. We will share the link via the class page that is only open to children in that class.
-The session will be recorded and at least two members of staff will be on the session  - normally the teacher and the teaching Assistant. 
-Settings will be set so participants join using the sound and video off button. 
-Screen share will only be available for the host.
-All pupils should be behaving in the session as would be expected in class.