Seedlings - Y1

Welcome to Year 1
Hello Seedlings. It's the beginning of the Autumn Term and we're looking forward to seeing you. Watch the video below to show you how to come in to school on Wednesday 8th September, and to get a sneaky peek at your new classroom. 
Please bring your child to school from 8.40-8.55am. School starts at 8.55am. 
Collection at 3.15pm.
Make sure you have used ParentPay to choose a free school meal - this meal will be plated and brought out to your child so make sure they know what to expect each day! Please bring in a labelled water bottle. PE will be on Tuesday and Fridays.  
If you need to communicate with me please use the class email address. 
Mrs Rice - Class Teacher 
Mrs Pippin & Miss Budge - Teaching Assistants
Secure Class Page
Soon you'll be able to visit the secure page using your child's picture login to see all our wonderful learning and find any messages.  I'll also use this page to send any information that I need to share.
Thank you
Mrs Rice
We'll start the year with a short 2-week project called 'Who Am I?'. 
We'll spend time getting to know each other, talking about where we live, our families, our school and our lives. Through PSHE we'll talk about friendships and things we like. We'll discuss things we're good at and recognise that everyone is different. 
We'll be using the stories 'The Colour Monster', 'Fill a Bucket' and 'Dogger' to learn about our emotions, feelings and friendships. 
In History we'll be looking at things from the past and talking to older people who used to be pupils at this school. We will learn how to ask questions to find out information. I'm hoping that you'll be able to send in some old school photographs so we can think about what's changed and what's stayed the same. 
This short project will give us all a chance to come together again after the long summer break and gel together as The Seedlings. 
English - Autumn Term 
Up to October half term our English focus will be on phonics and handwriting as well as regular visits to the library. Later in the year we add in discrete grammar, spelling and English lessons. 
We follow the Read Write Inc systematic synthetic phonics scheme. We teach the children a new sound daily and encourage the use of 'Fred Fingers' to spell. Initially we'll recap the Set 1 and Set 2 sounds already learnt in the reception year and concentrate on blending to read and segmenting to spell. 
In the first couple of week's we'll listen to all the children read to check their levels before allocating them a coloured band for home reading books. Your child should be able to enjoy their home reading books because they will be able to read them fairly fluently. You can always start by reading the book through to your child first and then listening to them read it back to you.
Its very important to establish a daily routine of reading for 5-10 minutes - whether that's over breakfast, in the evening or even in the car! It would help us tremendously if you would sign your child's reading record to let us know they've read and leave any comments or questions about reading in there. 
Enjoy having a book for a few days and becoming familiar with the story. Hopefully this will increase your child's fluency and understanding to boost their reading confidence. Make it fun ... use silly voices, act it out, make things to go with the story. Read it to different people or to soft toys. Ask questions like 'What would you do? How do you think they feel? What might happen next?' 
Please always keep the book and reading record in your child's school bag. They will be supported to change the book twice weekly. 
Any questions please email me at
Maths - Autumn Term 
Initially our focus will be on number and place-value to 10. Counting forward and backward from any number to 10, knowing one more and one less, ordering, reading and writing numbers. The long-term maths plan is attached. 
After October half term we will introduce maths homework. Number bonds to 5, 6, 7, 8,. 9, 10 and then 2/5/10 x tables as we move through the year.